Architectural style
Brick Tudor (circa 1929)

Project scope
Master Bathroom Remodel

DeForest Architects

Interior design
NB Design Group


Ben BenSchneider

Washington Park residence: minimalistic retreat

At Prestige, we always do our best for a client. Still, there’s something special about working with a client for 25 years (and on 17 remodeling projects). As part of a larger house remodel, this master bath is a perfectly level, plumb, and as special as the rest of the home. Given that the client wasn’t concerned about resale, they decreed their bath would be shower-less. Instead, they installed the most beautiful soaking tub for their fresh, minimalist retreat.

Of special construction note: As is true throughout the home, the master bath features super smooth, level 5 drywall that’s a perfect fit with the (no trim) door jam.