Architectural Style
Brick Tudor (circa 1927)

Project Scope
Whole house renovation (6,600 sf)

Casa Architecture and Interior Design

Interior Design
Carl Williams Interiors


Gregg Krogstad

Magnolia residence: classic character restored

From day one, the owners of this classic home knew exactly what they wanted from their renovation: maintain the original architectural character, keep all in-scale with the surrounding neighborhood, and add 3,000 square feet of below-grade living space. They also wanted to make all as gracious as possible.

Nuanced design and construction (together with a rich palette of materials and crafted cabinetry) resulted in a new/old home that glows.

Of special construction note: During the process of putting in a new foundation, the entire house was jacked-up on crib shoring (stacks of wood beams). Prestige securely lashed the house to the shoring. In what was a relief to all, the raised home didn’t budge during the Nisqually Earthquake.